Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make a rental reservation for your photo booth?

A. Call us at 614-961-8648 to first check availability. We must have a signed service/rental agreement and a $300 deposit mailed to:

The Columbus Photo Booth Company
PO Box 381
Powell, Ohio 43065

When we have received your contract and your $300 deposit has cleared, your event date will be officially booked in our system. The remainder of your balance will be due two weeks before your event.

Q: How many hours can we rent the photo booth for our event?

A. Most any event can be successful with three or four hours of service; however, we will stay up to six hours if you need us for that long. Our photo booth rental packages start at three hours; however, should you decide to rent our photo booth for longer than your agreed upon time in your rental agreement, each additional hour will be charged $150 per hour and must be paid the same day of your event.


Q: Do you travel and deliver the Photo Booth Rental?

A: Yes. We serve the entire state of Ohio plus any of the five states sharing a border with Ohio. Please note that any distance beyond 40 miles of our headquarters in Worthington, Ohio, may incur a travel fee. Please ask us for details.

Q: Can the Photo Booth be rented for outdoor events?

A: Yes, as long as an appropriate electrical outlet is available within 100 feet of the photo booth (although 30 feet or less is preferrable), and if weather permits. The safety of your guests is always our top priority. 

Q: Can the photo booth be used at any venue? What if my event is not on the first floor?

A. Yes. All photo booths available for rent at The Columbus Photo Booth Company were custom-designed for easy transportation and set up at ANY event hall or venue. There are no limitations on where The Columbus Photo Booth Company can set-up our picture booths. Importantly, our photo booth is also wheelchair accessible.


Q: Is the photo booth easy to use?

A: If you can touch our monitors and smile and have fun, then you can use our photo booths! So yes, our photo booths are very easy to use. Upon entering the booth, a welcome screen will instruct your guests to touch the screen to choose their choice: color, black & white or sepia. Once their choice has been made, the automated picture-taking process will begin. Your guests will then see themselves on the screen and will have about 10 seconds to reposition themselves as they see fit. Then, they will see a 3-2-1-countdown before each photo is taken. This process will occur during each of the four pictures taken during each photo session. In about 60 seconds, each person in the picture will receive a printout of their picture. And don't forget, our on-site attendant(s) is always there to answer any questions you or your guests may have.


Q: Do you just drop off the photo booth at the event or is there someone who will stay at my event to ensure my guests know what to do?

A: We won't just drop the photo booth off at your event and hope for the best. The Columbus Photobooth Company will send one or two professionally trained, on-site attendants who will stay with the photo booth throughout your event, ensure everything is running smoothly and assist your guests who are using the photo booth. Of course delivery, set up, and dismantling are free. We’ve got you covered.


Q: Do the photos only print in color or do you offer others, like black and white? What about sepia?

A. Your guests will be able to choose from color, black and white, or sepia prints during each photo booth session via our touch screen monitors.


Q: Does the photo booth print out photos immediately?

A: Yes. After your guests leave the photo booth, their pictures will be ready almost instantly and re-prints will come out every 8 seconds!! This makes our printers that fastest in the business. Also, our prints are high resolution and are of the highest quality! We use an acid-free process called ‘dye-sublimation’ meaning that our prints will last one hundred years or more and can even withstand water. Our photo booth prints won’t fade or smudge over time ensuring that your precious memories will most likely last longer than you do!!


Q: Will each and every person in a picture receive a photo?

A. Absolutely!! If 10 people go into the photo booth, all 10 will get a picture immediately. Many photobooth companies will charge you extra for extra photo prints...many only allow only 200 per event or an additional fee will be charged. We thinks that's ridiculous!!! The Columbus Photobooth Company averages over 350 prints during the course of our events at no extra cost to you.


Q: Is there a limit on the number of photos that can be taken or printed during my event?

A: No. The number of photos your guests can take and print is unlimited during the allotted time you have reserved for your event.


Q: What if I want more than one copy of the same photo? Can I get copies of all the photos from my event?

A: Not a problem. In fact, we can print multiple copies of each picture on the spot because our printers are the fastest on the market today and will print one print every 8 seconds! This means that if ten guests enter the photobooth, all ten will receive a picture before the next group has even completed their photo-taking session! In addition, all the photos from your event will be saved on a CD / DVD that will contain all the individual poses and the four-pose photo-strip and/or grid prints at NO CHARGE to you!


Q: I've heard that your photo booths are the biggest in the business. Is that true and what are the dimensions?

A: You heard right! Our fleet of photo booths are the biggest in the biz, able to accomodate up to 14 guests at once!! Believe us, at your event proceeds, your guests will want to try to get larger and larger groups in the booth. Hey, the more the merrier, right! The dimensions of our photo booths are: Length = 72 in. Width = 60 in. Height = 85 in. Weight is approximately 100 pounds.


Q: How many people can fit into your photobooth?

A. Our custom-designed photobooths are HUGE and this is one of the biggest (pardon the pun) reasons why people love us so much! The more people who get into our photo booth, the more fun people seem to have. By the way, the record is 14 people in our booth!!! Hey, records are meant to be broken...


Q: What are the dimensions of the photo booth and how much space do you need to operate the booth at my event?

A: The dimensions of our photo booths are: Length = 72 in. Width = 60 in. Height = 85 in. Weight is approximately 100 pounds. We ask for a 10' x 10' space at your event to comfortably operate and attend to the photo booth at your event; however, we've been able to work is smaller spaces than this if necessary.


Q: What size photos will we receive?

A: Each of our photo prints measure 4” x 6”. For our ‘grid’ print outs, there will be two pictures on top and two on the bottom along with your personalized banner on the right side. For our very popular ‘double photo-strip’ print outs, there are two vertical sets of four pictures measuring 2” x 6” each with your personalized banner on the bottom.


Q: Is a special electrical outlet necessary?

A: No. A standard 120V electrical outlet located within 100 feet of the photo booth is all that is needed, although within 30 feet or less is preferred.


Q: How soon will you be set up before the scheduled photo booth rental time starts?

A. The Columbus Photobooth Company will have the photo booth set up and ready to go roughly 30 minutes before the start time you have specified in your Service Agreement. If you would like for us to set up earlier, a fee of $150 will be added for each additional hour.


Q: Do you have any props for guests to use while taking pictures?

A: Yes! We have a prop box full of hats, boas, glasses, etc., to add to the fun. However, for some weddings and other events, having props can sometimes take away from the "formal" setting and the classic feel of our elegant photo booth experience. We suggest props only during the second half of formals events.


Q: Many brides ask if we offer a scrapbook service and what do the scrapbooks look like?

A. We certainly do offer a scrapbook service and it's one of the most popular reasons why people rent us for wedding receptions, birthday parties and bar/bat mitzvahs. Over the years, we have assembled many incredibly beautiful photo scrapbooks for many brides and 9 times out of 10, the bride will purchase and supply a scrapbook of her choice. If you would like for us to provide a scrapbook for you, we will be happy to do so for an additional cost in the $75-$150 range. In either case, we will ensure all your pictures are put into your memory/scrapbook and we will get your guests to sign a nice message for you so that you have a great treasure to take home with you the same night!!


Q: How does the photo booth provide party favors for my guests?

A: We can help turn photos into a memorable gift for your guests to take home at the end of your event. Each picture has space available for customization. We employ a professional graphic designer who will design a personalized event banner that will be printed on the bottom or side of each and every picture. This service is also standard and FREE OF CHARGE with all our rental packages. So each photo booth picture can become the ultimate party favor.


Q: Does the photo booth cover come in different colors?

A: Yes. Our standard photo booth covering is black. If you would like a different color specially designed for your event, we can do it!! We have a professional seamstress who can make your wishes come to fruition. The fee would range from $800-$1200, depending on what you prefer. (Note: There is no fee for the black covering.) Another good option is to customize the door curtain and/or backdrop inside the booth. This is a much more cost-effective option, usually priced in the $100-$200 range.


Q: Another common question is ‘can we meet in person to sign the contract and come up with a banner / logo’?

A. We would be happy to meet at a time and place that’s convenient for you. Just let us know!!


Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes. We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, and Pay Pal for an additional fee of 3% of the transaction; for this reason, check payments are preferred.