If you are the host of a special event, the vendors and entertainment you choose will say more about your taste and judgment than most anything else…and your guests will notice and remember.

This is particularly true when it comes to renting the services of a photo booth company.

We believe The Columbus Photo Booth Company and our stylish photo booth rentals, won't let you down; in fact, we believe that choosing us for your event will help to raise your reputation as a thoughtful, caring and diligent event host because we…

…have the largest photo booths in the business.

We offer the largest photo booths (picture booths) in the business (270 cubic feet of interior space) that can accommodate up to 14 guests at once! Compare the size of our photo booths to anyone else and you’ll discover that size does indeed matter…especially when it comes to renting a photo booth. The bigger the picture booth, the more fun you and your guest will have!

…utilize state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

Our photos are printed using state-of-the-art digital cameras and lightning fast photo printers able to print in color, black and white or sepia. Our photo finishing process uses dye-sublimation technology ensuring your photos will most likely last longer than you do and probably longer. “Dye-sublimation” is the key word here. In basic terms, a picture that is printed using dye-sublimation will not fade over time because the colors are thermally absorbed INTO the paper rather than “spread” on the surface as in a laser jet process. The Columbus Photo Booth Company only uses the best. We encourage you to try this test: Hold a picture sample up to the sunlight. If you can see blotches in the ink, that’s most likely a laser jet printer at work. Why is this important? Your photo booth pictures better stand the test of time or you have just thrown your money away. Educate yourself and don’t just assume that the photographer or photo booth company you hire will deliver quality prints. Make sure before you sign on the dotted line. You want your pictures to last a lifetime. Ours should last at least one hundred years and will even withstand water and smudges! That should give you peace of mind!

In addition to our state-of-the-art cameras and printers, our photo booth frames were professionally and elegantly designed by a Honda engineer using high-strength, light-weight aluminum. This makes our booths extremely sturdy, easily transportable and wheelchair accessible. Many other photo booths are constructed of wood or even PVC piping. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Do you really want to take a chance at your event with a photo booth that could fall apart (we know it’s happened) and embarrass you or your guests?

…are pioneers with thousands of hours of experience.

Renting a photo booth for a private event is a relatively new concept meaning that there are many imitators who are only interested in making a quick buck. The Columbus Photo Booth Company is proud to be considered a pioneering, forward-thinking organization that set the standards for photo booth rentals in Ohio. Since 2008, we’ve been privileged to serve a countless number of events and this number grows each and every week. Because we have a large fleet of photo booths (and now photo lounges) available at all times, we can service multiple events on any given day and we’ll travel as needed. Before choosing a photo booth company for your event, be sure to ask how many years they have been in business.

…are locally owned and operated.

Our company is family-owned and locally-operated. We are NOT a franchise and we are not a ‘side-business’. Providing professional photo booth rental services is the ONLY thing we do…and we do it better than anyone else. Each and every penny of the service fees we are paid stay right here in central Ohio…in an economy like this, we believe shopping and contracting with local business professionals is very, very important to the health of any local economy. Equally important, we donate a portion of all revenue to help fight cancer through Dan's Fund.

…employ a professional, highly-trained team focused on providing uncompromising customer care.

We pay attention to the details from the first moment of contact with us, through the reservation and booking process, to planning and layout details, and of course, to managing the photo booth at your event. We ALWAYS provide a highly-trained on-site attendant who will ensure that your guests are treated with respect and professionalism and who will provide on-site technical support should it be needed (it rarely ever is). The steady stream of compliments and rave reviews we receive are flattering, but our goal is continual improvement in a never-ending pursue of perfection.

…donate our time, services and dollars to help others.

The Columbus Photo Booth Company believes in helping others and giving back to our community. In addition to donating our time and services to many charitable and non-profit events throughout the year, we’re also very proud to donate a portion of all revenue to The Daniel J. Zwayer Brain Cancer Research Fund, also known as Dan’s Fund. Our dollars help to fund cutting-edge research conducted at The Ohio State University’s James Cancer Hospital and the Solove Research Institute in hopes of finding a cure for patients suffering with cancerous brain tumors. Under the careful direction and outstanding leadership of Dr. E. Antonio Chiocca, a world-renowned brain tumor researcher, we are hopeful that a cure for this deadly disease will be found in the near future.

…are the best!

Again, it’s YOUR event and YOUR reputation that’s on the line. The vendors and entertainment choices you make will say more about you than anything. Don’t take chances…YOUR REPUTATION IS AT STAKE! Choose the best.

Choose The Columbus Photo Booth Company…you’ll be glad you did!!