Rave Reviews

Sarah Valentine (Employee Engagement Coordinator) - Franklin University, Columbus Ohio

"I could not be happier with the services provided by The Columbus Photo Booth Company during Franklin University's 2011 Employee Appreciation Day event.  From beginning to end, The Columbus Photo Booth Company did all they could to make this a fun and enjoyable event for our employees as well as an easy process from an organizers perspective.  With the many services and different options available with the picture booths, I was amazed it did not cost more.   I recommend The Columbus Photo Booth Company to any business or organization who is looking for a fun and cost effective activity for their workforce!"

-- Sarah Valentine (Franklin University - Employee Engagement Coordinator)

Terri H. (Executive Assistant to the CEO) - Nationwide Children's Hospital - Columbus, Ohio

"Nationwide Children's Hospital is known for our excellence in care and love for our patients and their families. That's why we choose to conduct our business ONLY with others who adhere to our high standards and provide excellence in every way. I was given the honor of being the event coordinator for our 2010 holiday party and I'd heard some great things about The Columbus Photobooth...so I decided to book them. This event was only for our management staff and it was a very important mixer and included our CEO as host. Obviously I only wanted the best. The Columbus Photobooth Company not only lived up to my expectations, but they blew right past them. WOW! Our management staff is still talking about how much fun they had. We've already booked them for our holiday party in December of 2011! I highly, highly recommend them to anyone...especially to those that care about top-notch professionalism and the ability to draw out the inner child of any guest of any age! If they can get our staff of doctors, surgeons and professionals to let loose and laugh like they did, just think what they will do for your event!"

--- Terri H. (Executive Assistant to the CEO), Nationwide Children's Hospital (Columbus, Ohio)

Lauren & John A. (bride & groom) - Pickerington, Ohio

The Columbus Photobooth Company was great..and they were so courteous and professional! Our guests had a blast getting their pictures taken and the props were a huge hit! Everyone commented on how much fun they had at our wedding! Not only do we have a CD with all the pictures from that night, but their attendants made us a beautiful scrapbook that I will always treasure containing all the serious AND hilarious pictures from our reception! We used this scrapbook as our guest book and the pictures were our favors. We're so glad we decided to have The Columbus Photobooth Company at our wedding reception!

--- Lauren & John A. (Pickerington, Ohio)

Tracy Hall (Adjunct Professor) - Madison Plains High School - London, Ohio

As a surprise to our students at Madison High School, we hired The Columbus Photo Booth Company for our 2010 Prom. THE KIDS LOVED IT! They couldn't believe they could go as many times as they wanted...and were able to have their prom memories in their hands as they left. (It was also nice for those students who may not have been able to have separate prom photos taken for various reasons.) The Columbus Photo Booth Company was extremely professional, courteous and welcoming to everyone! They arrived and departed with out causing a stir any of our activities. Absolutely wonderful for any school function!

---Tracy Hall (Adjunct Professor), Madison Plains High School (London, Ohio)

Nicole Moore (bride) - Columbus, Ohio

"The Columbus Photobooth Company was perfect for my wedding reception in December of 2010! They provided excellent service throughout the experience and my guests loved the pictures as a take-home party favor - definitely a HIGHLIGHT of the wedding reception! I interviewed several photobooth companies and The Columbus Photobooth Company was far-and-away the friendliest and easiest to work with." 

--- Nicole Moore (Columbus Ohio)

Janet H. - Galion Ohio Chamber of Commerce / United Way of Galion, Ohio

"This was the first year (2010) it ever occurred to us that we could rent a photobooth for our annual fund-raiser during the July 4th holiday. We were not sure what to expect or how the event attendees and supporters would react. But from the second it was up and ready to go, we knew we had made a great decision! We were so excited to watch the people and how they reacted both inside and outside the photo booth. They loved it, loved it, loved it...and we loved watching them love it! Watching grown adults put on those crazy props was priceless and really got some unforgettable laughs! The set up was professional and the photo booth itself was very stylish and HUGE which was great because our groups just kept getting larger and larger! Even on a hot July day it was no problem because there was so much space in there. The photobooth attendants were upbeat and encouraging as they coached our guests on what to do.  They made sure that everyone had a great time and were able to get people to jump in the booth even at the very last minute. We already want to reserve The Columbus Photobooth Company for our next event...an outstanding service in every way!"

--- Janet H., Galion Ohio Chamber of Commerce / United Way of Galion, Ohio